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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a simple website that covers information about your company or your brand. It mostly has words and pictures and cannot perform more complex tasks like payment.
Any Organisation or Brand can use an Information Only Website. Churches, Hospitals, businesses who do not require online payment, Non- profit organisations etc. See examples of information only websites we have done in the past; Christ Embassy Luton, Gju Services Limited, Joyce O Community & More.
This cost covers the building of an information only website with no more than 5 pages. It also includes hosting and domain cost for all .com websites
You would be required to pay the additional costs of the Domain name
No Full payment will be required before a kick off meeting will be scheduled. This ensures that we can give you our full attention.
Although Ninos Digital Services has logo creation services it is not included in this package. We can help you design your logo but additional charges will apply
You would be required to provide some basic information for your website which we will develop to suit your brand.
No you do not, the service is included in the package. But you can share maximum of 3 brand pictures to be added to your website.
No it is not included in this package. This package is for information only websites
The hosting period lasts for one year and would be required to be renewed every year at an additional cost to the client
Yes a free info@(Domain name) email address will be set up for your company.
Yes you can the Ninos global team is always available to assist you with your needs
After the Kick off meeting, website development typically takes 15 working days.

After confirmation of your Payment a team member will be in touch with you shortly to schedule your Kick Off Information Gathering process.
During this process, we will gather essential details to kick-start your project. Here’s what we’ll need from you:

1. Domain Name: We offer .com domains as standard. If you require other variations, additional charges may apply. Our technical team will adjust the pricing accordingly. We’ll confirm the availability of your chosen domain.
2. Select Website Template: Choose from our selection of 10 website templates. Please note that templates outside of these options may require additional charges.
3. Submit Written Content: Provide your written content to fill the pages of your website. We accept PDF or MS Word documents.
4. Submit Your Logo: Please submit your logo in high resolution for inclusion on your website.